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January 6, 2019

How to Bring Your Dry Hair Back to Life After Summer

Tame Your Tresses:  How to Deal With Dry Hair After Summer

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After you’ve finally unpacked all your luggage from that amazing summer trip with your pals, you’re left to deal with the frizz and fatality that is your hair. Summer is a time when our hair is exposed to intense heat, chlorine, humidity and all sorts of pollution. Sometimes, we even go for a quirky summer ‘do that subjects our hair to harmful chemicals at the salon.

So what does one have to do to recover from the effects brought by summer?


Moisturize With A Hair Mask


It’s incredibly important to restore your hair’s moisture by pampering yourself with a hair mask! This provides your hair with deeper hydration that’s more intense than your daily conditioner. When choosing a mask, look into which ones are most effective for straight, wavy, thick, or thin hair and then decide what’s right for you.

Different hair masks might require different steps, but generally, you’d want to make sure the treatment gets to every strand of your hair, even up to roots, so that the mask can work as effectively as possible.


Grab A Good Conditioner


If you’re already using a daily conditioner but results aren’t as awesome as you’d want them to be, maybe it’s time to make the switch to a better conditioner. Choose one that promises to restore and lock in moisture in your hair. It’s best to look for a conditioner with natural and organic ingredients, like coconut oil or aloe vera, to prevent your hair from getting even more damaged.


Try Out Different Nourishing Treatments


There are so many treatments you can do to bring life back to damaged hair. Go for a scalp scrub to get rid of flakes and product buildup. You can also use a pre-shampoo treatment. Focus on the areas that need extra moisture and leave it on for a few hours before showering.

If you’re still left with dry hair after the shower, try using a leave-in conditioner that will help boost the texture and moisture in your hair. Another post-shower treatment is applying hair oil to smooth out frizz and keep your hair smelling amazing!


Say No to Heat


Your hair has experienced enough over the summer, don’t do more damage by whipping out your curling iron or straightener. As much as possible, you must avoid subjecting your hair to too much heat. But if it can’t be helped, make sure to use a heat defense spray before using any of these tools.


Handle Your Hair Right


Don’t get frustrated! Tugging at your hair with a brush when it’s not cooperating will only damage it further. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle your hair. When it gets really unruly, consider visiting your favorite hairdresser and asking for a trim. Get rid of the damage and split ends by getting a cute new hairstyle!

Aside from a cut, you can also opt for bond-building treatments that strengthen severely dry, damaged hair. Let the professionals handle the situation and sit back and relax for a couple of hours as they work on strengthening your hair and giving it a much needed boost.


These are just some of the many ways you can give your hair the love and care it deserves. Remember to let your hair rest, especially when you subject it to intense treatments. Try using all-natural products to prevent further damage, and be as consistent as you can with these hair habits!



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