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January 27, 2019

Face It: Other Parts of Your Body Need Skincare, Too

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With the influx of beauty and skin care products targeting the face, it’s so easy to neglect other parts of your body that need care and nourishment. And while we can totally settle with a fragrant body soap to handle the rest of our bod, there are certain parts that need extra care, especially when we use them very often.

Here are some steps you can take to better care for your neck, hands, and feet.

For Your Neck


Over time when we’re not careful, dark spots and wrinkles will develop on our neck area which is where early signs of aging can be seen easily. Here’s how to start treating your neck better.

  • Don’t stop at the jawline! Remember to remove makeup from your neck as well. With a cotton pad, apply an ample amount of your chosen makeup remover under your chin and all over your neck. Don’t skip this part! Surely, you applied some amount of makeup on your neck as you were getting ready in the morning.
  • Your neck deserves all the amazing skin care products you use on your face, too! Apply your toner, serums, and sunscreen on your neck using an upward motion. When choosing a product, keep in mind that the skin on your neck is thin and delicate, hence it deserves products with natural ingredients.
  • Use a mild exfoliator. You can whip up your very own at home by combining some ground almonds with milk. Massage the mixture onto your neck in upward motions for no more than five minutes before stepping into the shower and rinsing thoroughly. Exfoliating your neck once or twice a week is enough.
  • Pamper your neck by mixing a small amount of coconut, eucalyptus, or any essential oil of your choice with some water and massaging it in. This will help rejuvenate the skin on your neck and give it that extra nourishment it deserves.


For Your Hands


Your hands will be one of the first indicators that your skin has aged. Since we use our hands very often, they will also be the first place we’ll see wrinkles, dark spots, or dullness if we don’t give them the proper daily care they need. Here are some ways to better care for your hands.

  • Exfoliate your hands at least once or twice a week with your chosen body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. Massage the product into your hands for a few minutes before rinsing and quickly apply moisturizer.
  • When applying anti-aging serum on your face at night, rub some of the excess product on the top of your hands. Also, it helps if the serum is rich with antioxidants; that’s great for the hands.
  • Look out for your nails, too! Massage some natural oils onto your cuticles to give it proper hydration and nourishment.
  • Make it a habit to apply an effective hand cream onto your hands. A hand cream has thicker consistency than that of regular body lotions because it has a more intense way of treating the dry and rough areas of your hands.
  • This step is important because we often subject our hands to different chemicals during the day that may have a damaging or drying effect over time. Keep your hand cream in your bag, on your office desk, and on your bedside table.

  • Since it’s an area that shows major signs of skin aging, be sure to apply sunscreen onto your hands daily, just like you would on your face and body. Use a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher and reapply as needed throughout the day.


For Your Feet


You’re on your feet all the time, every single day. Without proper care, the heels, soles and toes of your feet may become rough and flaky. Keep these tips in mind so you can give your feet a much needed pamper session this weekend.

  • Soak your feet in lukewarm water with a few drops of your go-to essential oil. Let your feet relax in the water anywhere between five to ten minutes.
  • Treat your feet to a homemade sugar scrub. Mix brown sugar with olive oil and massage it into the heels of your feet or any area that has gotten rough and dry. This will help soften the skin and remove any dead skin cells that may have accumulated over time.
  • Keep your feet hydrated with a moisturizer containing LHA which helps remove dead skin cells. Make sure to massage it in between your toes while you’re at it!
  • Massage your feet with essential oils, wrap it with cling film, and put on some socks to soaks it all in. Keep the socks on overnight to lock in that nourishment while you’re sleeping.


Learning all of these steps may sound daunting, but most of these take no time at all and can easily be incorporated into your everyday skin care routine. Remember that the face isn’t the only area that needs care, every part of your body can be exposed to pollution and harmful agents every day, so be consistent in caring for every inch of your skin!




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